seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

me confused!

am a perfectionist!
but why am i falling for the one thing that i said i should not.
the fine line between right and wrong has blurred, my head is confused and my heart is taking advantage of the situation.
God is secretly mocking me and prolly thinking, "there you go for planning too much ahead!"
i'm thinking, 'dat crackbrain shouldn't have even called!'

on the other hand... study life isnt doing great either... am f*cking confused when it comes to LAND LAW and completely clueless with equity and trust. pfft!
great life for a student who was just awarded a scholarship yesterday huh!

4 gaps filled:

bian3033 said...

try harder. have no idea tat it will be tat difficult. cant say anytin but good luck. i cant even get tru the first part. hopefully i can. so dont wait for me ya. if not i might catch up. hehe.

phyl said...

u mean studies...

YES! land law is super technical! d lecturer 4 torts is scary! equity n trust is tooo dull!!!! it's dat hard!

hope u can gt thru too... no worries... i wont b waitin' 4 ya... cant wait 2 b done wif life as a dreaded student... pfft

Anonymous said...

congratulations buns baby!

phyl said...

thx sammy...
guess wad... am gonna blog bout bobbitt now...

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