seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

the itch


1900hrs : dinner starts

2005hrs: delicious soft-shell crabs served

2005hrs: took a bite... delicious... beyond orgasmic

2006hrs: took another piece... yummm

2233hrs: reached home

2235hrs: unbearable itch on palms... slowly spreading to arms and neck

2240hrs: took hot shower

2249 hrs: applied cream on rashes

2300 hrs: forced oneself to sleep

2310 hrs: cant sleep... body itched badly

2320 hrs: body startin to feel hot


0033 hrs: sis came into room n had a shocked of her life

0033hrs: face red n swollen no different frm a baboon's arse

0034hrs: whole body red with rashes due to allergic reaction

0035 hrs: drove to normah

0055 hrs: called into the doctors room

0056 hrs: doctor too had a shocked of his life... eyes wen frm -.- to 0.0

0115 hrs: a jab on d buttocks

0120 hrs: drowsy... super drowsy...

0133 hrs: reached home

0133 hrs: climbed into bed... doze off almost immediately

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