seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

whores, booze, drugs and a countdown

So it has been a week since the new yr... n at this moment, some of us have finally gotten through the hangovers, some of us are still in disbelief that 365 days GONE in jus a blink of an eye, some of us are still writing down 06 on our notes w/o realizing it's wrong, n some of us r a head start in fulfilling our new year's resolution...
A week has past... all those plannin', all the adrenaline pumpin', all the excitement from the last event of the yr, the party where everyone gathered together to celebrate the exit of another tedious yr and hope for a better yr ahead... DONE...KAPUT... 2006 is officially over...
New yr parties have a way of effecting ppl... to some it's jus a gesture to welcome the new yr, to others it's an opportunity to meet new ppl as they dance the nite away... n to most brainless bombshells... it's an opportunity to show their fashion sense... there seem to be a theme for this yr's party... size 14 girls fittin in2 size 6 outfits, knee-length boots, colour coordination that 'for gudness sake' dont match, xtra xtra skimpy outfits... a plague of paradin' whores seem to hit town, cat walkin for their make-believe fashion show... thx 2 dis 'oh so' fashionable ppl, me n a bunch of frens manage to look lk nuns, secretly sneakin out frm the convent to feed our curiosity on the last big event of the year!
A new yr party is no party without the booze... i have a theory... my personal own equation... i wud indulge myself in booze wen der r no boys... n boys wen there r no booze... bt nvr both at a time... cuz dat equals danger... this yr however i chose none! i have always been a boozer... bt it's pretty hard to b one wen the booze here r diluted, failin to satisfy my alcohol cravings... booze bad... boys worst! it's hard enuff dat there's no one decent looker here bt the attitude of the guys... OMG! we r left wif guys sufferin frm narcissism and the gentleman species have gone beyond the level of endangered species to almost extinct!
wad r left r idiots wif dicks s their brains... pervs, druggies, sickenin psychos... n s the nite wen on... so did their intake of drugs... seeing these dodos dancin 'highly' the nite away, one wud question whether the drugs taken were of aphrodisiac? one was close to givin himself a masturbation n one actually used my fren s a dummy to rub his tommy as he danced behind her, all high n GLORY! pure repugnance!
wif all the madness around... one wud implicitly look forward to the countdown... after all it's the main reason of us being here... and as the clock hit 12... for that one moment, though only for a split second… the moment the countdown reached 0, the moment the dj played auld lang syne... for that split second... u suddenly feel soothingly calm and hopeful about things... and the mind, the of so wonderful mind... helps block out all those portentous signs... n for that split second... u feel reborn... and everything frm the moment u reached the party... everythin felt worth it... and s u breathed in the brand new air of the new yr... there was fresh growth! ...well til d dickhead behind my fren started rubbin his package all ovr her again... we decided that we shud call it a nite n leave the brainless bombshells n the dickheads behind!

till the nex post... au revoir

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aaronparan said...

okay the part where the guy dry-humped the girl was disgusting.

no, really, it was.



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