seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

little miss pretty

if there's a movie role out there for the most beautiful man in the world, nobody will fit it better than orlando bloom.
with killer cheekbones, dark hair and brown eyes, who would have thought he could pull off a blond wig and blue contact lenses and still lookd s good.
come on... we all fell in love with the ethereal elf Legolas Greenleaf...
nobody ever looked dat sexy carrying a bow and arrow... ROARRRR

unless he's a neurosurgeon who looks uber hot in dark blue scrubs, then legolas has met his match in dr. derek 'McDreamy' shepherd...
Inheriting his good looks frm his irish ancestors, Patrick Dempsey has wonderfully dreamy blue eyes...
talk about McGorgeous...

and isnt it coincidental that both orlando bloom and patrick dempsey turn a year older and definitely hotter today...
January the 13th...
which also happens to be the birthday of a beautiful soul... ever so alluring on the inside and exquisitely beautiful on the outside...

have a good one...
miss u miserably lots
(i wanted to give u a birthday call like the one aaron gt bt i cudnt get thru...
:( it cost me 2 pounds just for the operator to tell me you couldnt be reached at the moment
and since i cudnt gt to u and u dont have facebook, which u should have by NOW *hint*hint*
i tink a blog dedication will do me just ;p)

p/s: issit me or do u find all january 13th babies to b eye-catching too?????

william hung
(born: january 13, 1983)
hahaha... maybe just a coincidence then...
love it that we learn something new everyday!



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