seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

how the chinese welcome the new year

chinese new year has a strong influence in east asia and as an oversea chinese, we make sure that traditions and cultures from the mainland are far from lost.

the once modern looking cushion covers swapped and substituted wif traditional looking
covers with prints of unfamiliar characters.

fresh flowers placed on the console table not only for decoration but also for the added bonus that comes with the flowers. The Chinese believe that chrysanthemum symbolises longevity, plum blossoms brings in luck and the sunflower will give one a splendid year.

the fridge is loaded with new year goodies... ready to be served to both host and guests.The variety of food consumed during chinese new year will usher in happiness, good fortune and wealth. Well i tell you one thing, you dont need a genius to figure that equation out...with sooo many goodies to make my tummy happy... there's certainly happiness there...

and like every chinese new year, the colour red is liberally used!!!! so have a...

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Samantha said...

phyl! happy CNY to u :)that last picture u put up for lacuna makes a really nice card. i forgot which day i'm suppose to visit u with shell. will need to confirm with shell :S lol

phyl said...

hahahha.... thx to adobe photoshop.

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