seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

four legged best friends.

my attention span when it comes to reading a book is no different from a two year old trying to watch the daily news. well unless it's a good book, a real page flipper than it's nt entirely true.

i did the unconceivable this holiday season by finishing 4 books in a week. i know even i'm amazed. i guess i'm finally able to bring out the inner nerd.

Of all the books, John Grogan's Marley & Me touched me the most. I could be laughing awkwardly by myself at page 61 to let out a worrying sigh at page 140 later. i could feel utterly disgusted one moment only to find myself crying silently 47 pages later. the book was so real it felt like i was viewing a powerpoint slide of my own memories with my own dogs. all four of them had a little Marley in them especially the youngest one *cough* wacky bubbles.

shandy was the one who made me realise that i could never part from bread even though she was chasing me round the entire garage jus for that one piece of bread. i was five and she was almost the same height as me. honey showed me how important life was. i cried 3 days when hers ended. chubby, my only male dog, taught me how important it is not to share your food... i swear i was putting back that piece of chicken he left out from his bowl and certainly did not deserve that bite from him. hmph. bubbles brought out the maternal responsibility out of me. picking her feces is nothing but a normal routine, cleaning the carpet after she conveniently pukes on it is nt as disgusting as it sounds anymore and bringing her out on joyrides just to see that smile brightens up my entire day.

i love my four legged buddies, three of which are up in doggie heaven and one who is happily terrorizing my life everyday bt hey who's complaining.

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