seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

i make one pathetic housewife

with my parents in the Mainlands and sister in kl, me being the responsible daughter, i decided to clean the entire 1,425 sq ft apartment yesterday, alone.

woke up at 7.30am and was only done mopping the floors by noon. In between i managed to wipe dust off visible surface, clean the sink and wipe the mirror... sounds like nothing much done bt that was a little too much for me to handle. am no cinderella.

by 1.00pm, i was a dead rat and an hour's nap wasnt enough. by evening, my body started aching really bad and there were moments i started shivering.

by night, it was evident that i had symptoms of flu. running nose, heavy head, body aching! am pathetic, a simple task to clean the house had make me sick.

skipped both my classes today. been lying in bed almost the entire day. now my hair's a mess, my body's still aching, my nose kinda blocked, am ghostly pale and i have a sweater on to avoid having goosebumps. thank gudness sis is back to nurse me back to health.

i guess i have to think twice before any solo attempts to clean the house in future. my one attempt to be a housewife had obviously failed.

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aaronparan said...

poor thing.

get well soon. :)

phyl said...

thx aaron... i do wonder wen i'll b as good as u tho :(

Anonymous said...

no one's made to be Cinderella! and life can be as beautiful as glass slippers once it's our prime time *makes prime time music* LOooOL. that's y i'm always looking so sickly and pale. i juggle chores, i'm suppose to fin assignments and read but i haven't quite done that. then there's my online journal. my cute pets =P getting enough sleep. and the last one consists of being a pet when Peaches drops by. tough huh! LOL

phyl said...

yeah... time management is vital and i sux 8 dat... took me 4evr to finish up my chores...
been overly dependent dis 2 yrs after i came bac frm miri and i think i need to start helpin around the house more often now!!!! LOL

Shen said...

could i pls set an appointment with you to clean my house this weekend?

phyl said...

apala... CANNOT!!!! AM BETTER THAN THAT!!!!!!!!! hmph :\

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