seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

a game of tagged with shopping tips tagging along...


irene tagged me again...

It’s very simple. When you receive this tag, copy the whole list and add your own shopping tip to the bottom and pass it on.

1. Wear comfy clothing when you’re shopping. You don’t wanna fuss with too many laces and buttons when you’re trying clothes on.

2. Never shop on an empty stomach. You end up buying a whole lot more than you meant to! And this applies to everything, not just food!

3. Make a list of what you need to buy and stick to it. Do not go browsing in the store and do not look left or right but focus on just getting what you came to the store for, get it, pay for it and get out! And always keep your receipt in case you change your mind, not happy or the item is broken due to manufacturer’s fault so it will be covered by warranty!

4. Remember to bring your ‘plastics’ and/or cash with you when you go shopping or when you plan to JUST window shop!

5. Before you buy something expensive, ask yourself, "Is this a NEED or a WANT?". If you can't stop thinking about it for three whole days and nights, it is definitely a NEED, so go ahead and buy it. If you can get someone else to buy it for you as a gift, it's even better.

6. Eat moderately before embarking on a shopping spree. Bloating yourself to the point of bursting is just going to make you feel like a whale, and no matter how gorgeous the item is, you'd be too uncomfortable to care much for it.

7. Bring an extra pair of shoes especially for a klutz like me. You don't want an entire shopping trip put off just because the strap of you flats came off or the heels of your pumps broke. It works as a weapon during unwanted encounters with covetous thieves too... we all know that shopping malls aren't as safe as they used to be anymore.


am only tagging one person...
shopping = girl
girl = sammy poh!

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