seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

glad to see aaron isn't the only britney fan

guys meet Chris Crocker and if he ain't britney's No.1 fan, no one is...
(even my beloved aaron paran kalah)

some of u might be familiar with this crazed-britney-spears-fan frm his recent 'Leave Britney Alone' vid (if nt here's the link)where he bawled his eyes out for her... yeah, i think the bashing has gone tooo far too and for the first time in her career, i actually feel for her.

glad to see that am on the same page as Chris Crocker for once... bt yeah, till i found this video of him (below), i'm nt tooo sure anymore...

viewer's discretion STRONGLY advised...
(nt for the weak at heart.... I MEAN IT)

... IMO it's no different from doin' a spoof on brit's new song, bt who am i to judge, was never a brit fan, can never relate!
ok kah the video, mr. paran?

5 gaps filled:

nurul said...

WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?? that psycho make me hate the song!! like what donna said, nervous shock.. now my hair all turn white. huhuh

phyl said...

yeah tell me bout it, the guy's nuts! can sue him under torts lol, i cud hardly open my eyes throughout the video... n i dont even do dat 4 horror films.

Samantha said...

LOOL he is amazing.

Chienne said...

sue him under torts? HAHAHAHA i'd like to see that happen.

a sane judge wouldn't throw that case out the window man.

i really didn't appreciate him flashing his nips.


phyl said...

sam: i tink he's eccentric

chienne: yeah... d judge wud prolly thing the video is against public policy and charge him 4 being indecent... muahaha!!!
bout him flashin' his nips, dont tink anyone wud appreciate dat either!

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