seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

US$141,000 isn't a lot... IS IT?

unrelenting haze and unproductive holiday are all reasons for one to find a perfect getaway... for few days now my mind has been wondering off to an imaginative balinese resort on a private island, with crystal clear blue seas and white sand where i lie for moments of relaxation and times where i am being pampered like the Queen. That daydream only to be disturbed by mom's loud commands asking me to finished up my chores.

little did i know that an island built by my own over-active imagination, does exist and has a name called Necker Island. Owned by Sir Richard Branson, Necker Island is one of the many tiny islands located in the British Virgin Island (0000)... n to think that i share d same vision as Sir Richard, the founder of Virgin brand gives me a double OOOO :)
so now am obsessed by this Necker Island that i constantly google on the net to feed my own curiosity and imagination... lookin for pics and information, like some hot-shot tourist browsing 4 further information on a resort before any commitments. only problem is, it'll cost me US$ 41,000 PER NITE, meaning US$141,000 for 1 entire week (ok you can put your jaw bac up now)

imagine a private island rented out by u that can accommodate u and approximately 28 other close frens and relatives, 21 private bedrooms wif no walls so that you can enjoy the fresh breeze n magnificent scenery, your very own swimmin pool with no other humans 2 share n b considerate with, your own tennis court, 5 star treatment, world class cuisines... blablabla oh n i almost 4gt to mention that it was recently rented out by ONLY the richest n most powerful woman alive, Oprah Winfrey so yeah i guess that explains the price.

so i've been doin some calculations... $141,000 is equivalent to RM 479,400

so say if i'll save RM10 every day frm 2day onwards...

shoot!! i'll b on my death bed b4 i gt RM200,000
(plan busted)

so ok let's try this instead, i'll study hard n b a *cough* powerful-money-making lawyer 1 day, marry a WELL ESTABLISHED MAN, sell my sister 4 RM 10,000, try askin Sir Richard for a discount and then mayb only it would work...

u think?


sigh, guess it's pretty hard 2 achieve that dream huh, i mean me, a powerful-money-making lawyer... yeah rite, n i do haf 2 face the harsh reality of life cuz my well established man could be a miser, my sister might nt sell for RM10,000 and dont think Sir Richard is ready to give discounts...
another plan busted.

owh well... i guess places lk these are best kept in your own imaginations and wildest dreams.
here's a video of Necker island... you guys enjoy d video while i go grab me a box of kleenex... watching it makes me so damn emotional now...

owh wait... i've gt another idea... do you think Sir Richard is havin a shortage of employees... mayb i can work as a maid... yeah sure i'm an accident prone n a bad cook, bt dat can change... i certainly haf the PR skills to knock on the door and go, 'HOUSE-KEEPING' :b
owh n 1 mo more thing...

:D, hmm guess i'll go google for some applicant forms right now, any1 wanna join me?

all pics courtesy of www.neckerisland.com

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vicky said...

count me in

long time no meet

phyl said...


yeah it has been a while hasnt it... nice hearin frm u

scatteredallover said...

Very Nice Post. Enjoyed the photo's too. Cheers.

phyl said...

hey thx scatteredallover n s 4 d pics, yeah i enjoyed postin them 2! cheers back :)

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