seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

- my attachment at arthur lee, lin & co. advocates-

waking up 6.30 a.m was an everyday routine for the past 3 months...
i struggled at first but from my 2nd month onwards, there were days that i was looking forward to start my day at work...

it's funny how 3 months come and go and it is a marvel how one can be so attached to 18 different individuals jus as fast, parting ways with them was hard.

i consider myself lucky... one, that i was even given the opportunity to have my attachment in the firm and two, that i felt welcomed from the beginning.

i have learnt a lot during the course of my attachment, from simple procedural law to life's little lessons... i am proud to say that i am now capable of lasting 8 and a half hours with heels, i dont mind wearing skirt as much anymore and i've learnt to be humble.

Here i am, saying my thank yous to all the staffs and lawyers in arthur lee, lin for:-

all the gifts you showered me with, i guess my bday and christmas came really early dis yr

for the lunches and dinners we had together, that for once gaining 1 kg didnt seem to bother me as much

for the countless things you all taught me,

for being patient with me,

and lastly for making me feel comfortable and well accepted from the beginning...

The hugging and crying fest might be only few hours ago, bt am already missing you guys!

arthur lee, lin staffs in their uniforms

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