seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

hedgehog anybody?

disclaimer: i apologise for my lack of techniques thx to uncontrollable body movements resulted from laughing signals sent frm the brain.

a fren from canada bought this for us...
belgium chocolates... yumm....comes in mould of hedgehog... now dat's cute

being a chocolate lover... i drool at the thought of my taste buds coming into contact with the sweet bugger, triggering endorphin thx to its own love chemical, phenethylamine.

wrappers aside... boy i was nt ready for what laid instead...

we were looking at 10 mutated looking hedgehogs...

... only 7 in the pics, 3 missing courtesy of me, my sis n my mum :)

i guess the hot weather this few days melted the hedgehogs and now they look no different from radioactive-mutated-hedgehogs...

oh well... tho gross looking, they stil tasted yummy

3 gaps filled:

veronica said...

finally u allow comments!!


heck~ i'm still *cough* sick and *cough* can't eat chocs.

toblerones waiting for me *cough*


phyl said...

care 2 share some of d toblerones
pretty pls....

aaronparan said...


no bread?


anyways the chocs look yummy. nasib not dark choc. if not.. *drool*

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