seeing the name on the 1st class honours list... and that name belonged to me... i thought i'm truly blessed

of craziness, 'pondans' and whores

so the single's club + makan gang + soon-to-be-spinster's club had a lil' gathering last nite...

and who said being single isnt as much fun...

if fun means devouring good food, fine liquor, shoutin at each other bcuz d damn bass was played too loud, and havin tons n tons of laughter... den i guess we had more than fun!!!

it's nt everyday you leave a goodbye note and a flyer on a friend's car wiper (the flyer which was stuck in your car for months, hoping that your friend will do you the honours of throwing it away... THX EVA :b), then later doing something really crazy by drivin to her house, stoppin' right in front of her gates and holler her name as loud as your lungs can take it, only to realise that ur friend hasnt reach home and that her parents were jus standing by the garage... oops 1
i guess we made matters worst by making a quick dash for it leaving nothing bt question marks on the poor parent's forehead ... oops 2

as if terrorizing ur friend's parents wasnt enuff, we decided to go 'pondan' tracking... well jus for the fun of it. rumour has it that there are two places in kuching where you can find this owh-so-fashionable-people(so guys lookin for a cheap *cough* date listen up)... the backstreets of sedaya college and petanak...

sedaya college failed us bt boy did petanak lived up to standards... we spotted 2... not bad as it wasnt 2 late in2 the night YET... we drove pass dem slowly, enuff 4 us to scrutinise and laugh at every single detail of them and enuff for them 2 think that it might jus b their lucky night... oops no.3

and nt 2 far away, we spotted 2 well mayb-am-nt-2-sure prostitutes cuz they could jus b there, innocently waitin for their ride home, heh... bt i guess their outfits did kinda state the obvious... super-mini skirts and tight huggin shirts... both were pretty big as if they were models for a celluloid add... u get the pic... n both were hiding behind a big lorry, in hopes to make them look smaller i guess... huh... learn the trick!!!! we again laughed at them... :D

i gt home with a tummy-ache frm laughin... of moments of craziness, 'pondans' and whores

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